Tips on How to build muscle fast

How to build muscle fast is something that can come easily to some. However, for others hard work and training doesn’t always translate into gaining muscle mass at a rate quick enough. This infographic has been produced with 3 simple steps in mind. Diet, training and rest.There are so many people who get the training element right and spend up to 5 hours a week in the gym but destroy all that good work by having inadequate diets. Individuals like this should apply the 60/40 rule whereby from day to day one looks at their diet as 60% important and the training as 40% important. By applying this theory the individual will make make huge strides in weight gain and mass.

Let’s start with the diet. Eat, eat and eat more. However, the food has to be the right food, so saturated fats and constant intake of high calorie foods with no protein substance will not pay dividends. At the end of the day protein is what shapes, repairs and builds muscle fibres so constant intake of this food type every 3 to 4 hours is crucial. As you will see from the infographic below there other factors to pay attention to also.

Training. It is important that when training, all areas of the body are trained consistently. Legs, back and chest are the 3 core areas to focus on.

Last but not least is rest. Rest is vital because at the end of the day you are trying to gain weight which means conserving as much energy as possible whilst simultaneously training very hard. Jog if you don’t need to run, sit if you don’t need stand and sleep a little more usual. I hope you find the infographic useful. Enjoy.


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Build muscle fast infographic