Submit Your Infographic

You created a great infographic and you want to share it now. Well you are on the right place. All that we ask is that you carefully read the guidelines below. That helps all of us start our relationship on the right foot.

Do you love to create infographic posters for fun? Maybe you do so in order to promote your business by highlighting interesting facts that potential clients might love. No matter why you create them, you can publish them here. We just ask you to follow the following rules before you submit your infographic:


  • The infographic needs to be suitable for one of the site’s categories.
  • The quality of the graphics needs to be suitable.
  • It should not include references to gambling or porn.
  • It should be creative so that it adds value when it is published.
  • It should not include obscene images or nudity.
  • Every submission needs to be accompanied by text (over 350 words) and a title. Make sure the text is related to the image you are about to submit.
  • Content needs to be unique and never published on another page. We check for duplicate content and we will not approve the submission if we find it.


We review every single infographic submission so do not submit something that would break the rules.



How to Submit Your Infographic

Do you agree with the rules above and are happy with the benefits you gain? If so, send an email to with the subject line “Infographics Submission”. Keep in mind that we do receive many emails per day with different topics. Using the subject mentioned above increases the possibility of us getting your infographic reviewed and published within 24 hours.


What do you get out of the submission?

  1. One SEO friendly link will be added, pointing to the original infographics page or author URL.
  2. You get more traffic to your website.
  3. The infographics can be used for your branding campaign.
  4. You can spread the word about something you believe in.