The Freezing Home insurance

These days, it seems as though the winter in the UK is colder and lasting longer. This is something that is putting a strain on every household due to damage caused by burst pipes or broken boilers.

When temperatures drop it’s not just the breakdown recovery companies that feel the strain. The AA seen a 24 per cent increase in callouts from homeowners due to burst pipes and British Gas expect 20,000 extra callouts for broken boilers when temperatures drop.

The infographic below highlights some things you can do today and some things you can do for next year to help protect your property from the worst of the winter weather, such as insulating your pipes, repairing your roof and getting your boiler serviced.

Also in the event of a burst pipe, find out the four things you need to do when disaster strikes to limit the damage the water can cause.

Freezing Home insurance:

Freezing Home insurance

Infographic courtesy of the MoneySupermarket Home Insurance team