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  • California Driving Laws Infographic

    California Driving Laws Infographic

    When it comes to driving laws, we are faced with so many things that people are not aware of. New laws do tend to appear every few months and it is difficult to learn all that happens, especially after you get your license. It is quite normal to end up not knowing what is new…

  • Home Insurance for Holiday Homes and Villas

    Home Insurance for Holiday Homes and Villas

    Insurance is not cheap for anything but if you are looking to protect your holiday homes then it’s going to be expensive and difficult. This is a fact anywhere in the world. Local policies will be written in a foreign language and oversea policies will be overtly expensive. A major factor to consider with holiday…

  • The Freezing Home insurance

    The Freezing Home insurance

    These days, it seems as though the winter in the UK is colder and lasting longer. This is something that is putting a strain on every household due to damage caused by burst pipes or broken boilers. When temperatures drop it’s not just the breakdown recovery companies that feel the strain. The AA seen a…