The ABC Of Design [Infographic]

When it comes to design, there are so many things that have to be taken into account by those that call themselves professionals. It is normally said that graphic design is all about being unique and coming up with something that was never done before. There is some truth in that but we have to realize and accept the fact that absolutely all designers will see the work that they do differently.

What is interesting is that when you dig around, you quickly realize the fact that here are many things that keep repeating themselves as you talk about some parts of design. This led to the creation of this infographic, The ABC Of Design, which is quite interesting. It can be added to your desktop or even printed out in a high resolution to act as a wonderful wall art piece in the office of a designer.

When a person writes something, there are applicable elements used to communicate thoughts and ideas. This is exactly what happens in design. You do design work in order to solve some sort of a problem. By using this ABC of design you can actually make it a lot simpler to solve problems.

We should also talk about inspiration for the unique design that you may want to create. Inspiration can be a huge problem as there are times when it simply does not appear. The infographic can help you much more than you think. Print it and put it high on a wall, right in your office. Look at it and see what principles pop-up. This might actually be enough for you to find something that you did not consider till now, like symmetry or warmth. Obviously, we all want to find the X-factor and complete unity in design with the reason why something is created.

Source: Design Mantic