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  • Infographic Design Tips

    Infographic Design Tips

    One of the most important infographic design tips is to keep the layout simple. You don’t need to add a ton of text, just enough to tell the story in a few seconds. For instance, a time-lapse infographic shows how much time a person spends traveling. Similarly, a map-based infographic shows the journey time and…

  • The ABC Of Design [Infographic]

    The ABC Of Design [Infographic]

    When it comes to design, there are so many things that have to be taken into account by those that call themselves professionals. It is normally said that graphic design is all about being unique and coming up with something that was never done before. There is some truth in that but we have to…

  • Key questions when purchasing new doors and modern home

    Key questions when purchasing new doors and modern home

     Modern Home Infographic Major questions when purchasing new doors Beautiful doors for your home make a statement and can either enhance or spoil the look of the whole building.  Consequently choosing new or replacement doors is an important decision, to ensure they fit with your living environment.  They have to be practical yet attractive, secure…