Is it possible to lose your hearing at work

Do you think your job could be causing you hearing loss? Thousands of workers are exposed to dangerous noise levels everyday. This infographic discusses the risks of noise in the workplace and what professions are at risk of hearing loss.

Volume isn’t the only factor when it comes developing industrial deafness. The period of exposure also has an impact. The longer a person is subjected to a noise, the quieter it need to be to potentially cause hearing loss. There is a formula for this which is displayed on the graphic. The statistics are quite interesting.

Many jobs are noisy but we are confronted with noise in all areas of life. Have you ever wondered the decibel level of something in your life? Our infographic compares some common sounds showing their decibel level and if they are of a dangerous volume. Your emplyer has to protect you from noise and if they don’t they would be subject to hearing loss compensation claims against them.

We hope this infographic can educate people on the causes of hearing loss and help them avoid their job affecting their health.


Hearing loss infographic

Hearing loss infographic
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