Good and bad foods for your teeth

An individual’s oral health is as vital as any part of the body. And one important factor to consider affecting the person’s dental health is the type of foods. Taking care of the teeth just doesn’t mean regular brushing and flossing – likewise the things you eat play a large role too.

This infographic gives you a detail cross section of what to include in your meal – those that can harm your teeth and the ones that helps it. You will see the typical foods most people love to take are those that can surprisingly damage your oral health like sweets, soft drinks and alcohols.

On the other hand, it can also serve as your guide to what foods are ideal for your dental hygiene like fruits, vegetables and most dairy products. Being aware of how to take care your teeth properly is not something to be valued less and should start from the early age.

Good vs Bad foods infographic

Good vs Bad foods infographic

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