Unemployment in the UK

Youth unemployment is becoming a rising cause for concern in the UK. A few months after the start of the recession in 2008, unemployment started to rise sharply. When the global financial crisis hit, the unemployment rate was a little over 5% or 1.6 million.

As the rapid growth in Greece and Spain has caused their economy to crumble, the same could happen for the United Kingdom. With 1,583,576 people currently out of work in the UK, it is still not to say that the people in employment are better off, with the average pay increase at just 0.4%, even though inflation is at a steady 2.8%. Policies could look at helping unemployment in the future, but the awareness of the levels of unemployment should be recognised now

Health & Safety Training Ltd, who specialise in training for the unemployed tackle the problem and provide valuable data on the current economic climate when it comes to unemployment in the United Kingdom, looking specifically at England. They also provide some options on what people can do to get out of unemployment, that range from training with professionals to further education and learning new skills that you might have never have thought to learn.

There are still options for unemployed, and it is important to realise as a country that there are plenty of avenues for people to go down to further enhance their job status and get back on the right path when it comes to their career.

Hartlepool was one of the most effected parts of the UK, as an additional 10% of males who aren’t working with a contrast of 5% of women are out of work. An industry which has taken a turn for the worse is construction. This use to be a consistent job maker, and is regarded as a male orientated industry, but now it is being reported that just under 1/10 men workers in the North East are looking for jobs as a result of this type of industry going down in business. As well as this though, women are finding it hard to find a job too as the unemployment has reached a 25 year high. One of the causes of this is that the marjority of private sectors jobs is being reported as going to males as opposed to females.

 unemployment in the UK

This Infographic was provided by Health & Safety Training Ltd in North Shields, who offer training courses for forklifts and heavy machinery across the North East.