Top Universities In The USA 2019 [Infographic]

When taking a look at the QS World University Rankings, it instantly becomes obvious that institutions in the US are considered as being among the best in the entire world. For 2019 there are 157 higher learning institutions that are presented as among the best in the world. 5 out of the top 9 places are claimed by American schools. This does include the top 4 for the second year in the world.

The infographic below, entitled Top Universities In The USA 2019, presents the top 10 US universities, based on worldwide rankings. Take a look at what is presented if you want to choose a top university and learn some really interesting extra associated facts, like tuition fees and what is considered to be the best aspect of the school.

Some of the really interesting options highlighted in the infographic include:

  • MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) – Considered the very best university for an astonishing seventh consecutive time. MIT actually gains perfect scores for most of the indicators that are used in order to determine school rankings.
  • Stanford University – Still considered to be the second best university in the entire world, second just to MIT, Stanford offered some of the most successful business leaders and entrepreneurs in the entire world.
  • Harvard University – Still number 3 on the list, a higher learning institution that is older than many believe, with a history of close to 400 years. Interestingly enough, Harvard is really close to MIT. There is something in that part of US when it comes to learning.
  • California Institute Of Technology – Located in Pasadena, the fourth best university in the world, locally known under the name Caltech, is just 11 miles away from LA.

Want to learn more about the top universities in the USA and some of the best in the entire world? Just look at the infographic.

Source: Carport Central