Why Play Hockey?

Hockey is not just a game or a sport but a way of life for many.  Playing hockey is not only enjoyable and fun but also educational and beneficial to your physical and mental well-being.  Playing hockey is suitable for people of all ages and skill levels.  If you want to improve your skills, learn the basics or just meet new people hockey offers it all.

The physical benefits alone are worth starting to play hockey.  Not only are you becoming more physically active but you are learning valuable skills.  Some of the skills you can hope to learn and improve upon when playing hockey are coordination, flexibility, strength, reflexes and agility.

More importantly you learn skills that can be applied in everyday life that combine to make you a better-rounded person.  Respect in instilled into the players of this great sport.  Hockey and respect go hand in hand, respect for your team mates, respect for you opponents, for the game and for rules and authority. Communication and teamwork are also two vital elements taught through playing hockey and have a positive effect on people in everyday life.  On an individual level, a person develops a greater self-confidence and improves their self-esteem.

On top of all these great health benefits hockey is a lot of fun!  You are playing an exhilarating sport in an encouraging environment.  When you start to play hockey nothing will quite beat those feelings of scoring your first goal or the excitement of running the puck down the ice with your opponents chasing behind you.  Life-long friendships grow from the bonds developed playing hockey.  The camaraderie on and off the ice is like that of no other sport.

There are many different hockey schools and camps that offer training for all skill levels and ages.  Even if you just want to play on the ice with friends for a couple of hours visit your local rink.  If you start one sport let it be hockey, the rink can be a place of sanctuary to escape daily stresses and problems and to enjoy the greatest game on earth.


Infographic by TuckerHockey.com