Top Graphic Design Software For Infographics

MURAL is an interactive visual creation tool with free and premium plans that allows marketers and content creators to collaborate quickly on creating eye-catching visuals quickly. By storing color palettes, fonts and logos quickly you can produce eye-catching visuals in no time!

Snappa provides over 3 Million Free Images, Charts and other Assets! Their creative templates focus more on lists for bloggers or businesses looking to leverage Pinterest as part of their strategy.


Infographics are an effective way of conveying data and information quickly, but creating one takes time and effort. Companies can utilize software such as Adioma, Piktochart and beFunky to expedite this process more quickly and effortlessly.

These tools offer an array of templates, assets, and editing features, with some also providing royalty-free content libraries that help businesses maintain brand integrity. There are also video infographic makers which allow users to easily create videos they can understand and share.

Some infographic-making software specializes in specific visual types, like timelines and grids. Others, such as Biteable, offer more comprehensive tools. Unfortunately, it lacks support for video formats, is more suitable for scientific users and cannot be customized as easily than some other programs.


Piktochart is an agile infographic tool with various customizable features to meet student needs. Students can use Piktochart to make timelines, maps and charts that display information when clicked or move when dragged around – there is even access to Unsplash image library so students can use Piktochart for presentations, posters or job aids!

This software is perfect for beginners and professional designers alike. As a cloud-based graphic design platform that runs on both Mac and PC computers, the interface is user-friendly making this an excellent option for teachers and students.

After creating an account, your work can be downloaded as either a PNG file or PDF, shared across social media and embedded into websites. Piktochart autosaves periodically and allows for manual saves at any time; additionally it has undo/redo features so you can easily alter your choices.


Venngage is a graphic design platform that transforms data and processes into eye-catching content, with intuitive drag-and-drop tools, freeform design canvas templates, icons and clipart available as templates to users. Furthermore, there are customization tools suitable for both novice and veteran designers to enable creation of charts, infographics and graphs using this reliable program. Users are empowered to design charts, infographics and graphs using its many features such as an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, freeform canvas designs templates as well as an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and free-form design canvas with templates available as templates, icons or clipart images as templates or clipart images allowing easy creation of charts, infographics or graphs using its numerous customization tools suitable for both novice and veteran designers alike!

Templates come equipped with an impressive variety of icons and maps as well as data widgets and images to capture your audience’s interest. Choose from various font styles and color palettes for the perfect look in your infographics; for instance if creating an advantages list infographics use futuristic font styles with striking images to grab their audience.

Experienced users can leverage its backend to customize various brand parameters, enabling them to preinstall their company logo into published graphics and choose certain aspects like color, typeface and taglines for consistent branding projects.


Easelly is a graphic design software tool that empowers businesses, agencies, educators and students to visually present their content or data in an appealing format. With customizable infographic templates that are easily used and quick setup processes – as well as adding their own visuals such as images, pictograms, graphs charts or icons to personalize – Easelly provides business owners, agencies educators and students with everything they need for presentational success.

The site also provides teachers with a wealth of resources and examples for assessing student learning, integrating technology into classrooms, engaging students in lessons through visual elements that engage them, as well as being flexible enough to cover almost any subject area.

This tool offers both a free and pro version, the latter of which allowing up to 30 other people to join your group. With thousands of templates, icons and visuals at your disposal and an easy drag-and-drop design enabling infographic creation with embedding directly onto websites – this tool makes life much simpler for creating infographics!