Top 8 Hottest SEO Trends For 2016 Infographic

There is no way to deny the fact that 2015 was a full year of evolution for search engine optimization. Everything changed and we did move towards a more natural practice that is definitely exactly what should be the case with promoting anything on the internet. In 2016 we will see a shift towards making such a natural practice even more natural, rewarding those that put a huge focus on quality and negatively impacting those “professionals” that simply want to do something rank fast without real quality.

We can talk about so many things when referring to 2016 SEO but the infographic below is definitely one that highlights some of the most important factors that have to be remembered. SEO is focused on what works and a lot of analysis is necessary. You want to learn everything about optimization and such an infographic can be seen as a great piece of value due to the information that is offered. Make sure that you go through all the data that is presented so that you can easily get quality work done for your sites or for the clients that you have at the moment.

Some of the information that is presented is surely something that you already know, like the creative use of keywords in search engine optimization. However, other facts are not known by many, like the rich answers section of the Top 8 Hottest SEO Trends For 2016 infographic, or the focus put on mobile optimization, which is mandatory especially for eCommerce SEO.

Do not forget about mobile optimization, since it is very important for the future of any website. Also, remember about the importance of highly valuable interactive content delivered through rich-media like videos. We do have to go forth towards some of the moves that do work better than others. Too many SEO professionals out there remain focused on the facts that do not actually work well and that will not deliver quality. Patience is something that is highly necessary, especially when talking about researching the competition. Search engine optimization should be seen as complicated and you should consider all the hot trends that work in order to reach those great results that you want.


Source: CJG Digital Marketing