Top 5 Infographic Creation Tools To Use Right Now

Infographic Creation Tools Are Still Useful In 2019

Contrary to popular belief, infographics are still very popular. They are used by countless marketers, especially now since there are many infographic creation tools (also known as infographic makers) that can be used online.

Infographics give you the possibility of adding a lot of information in a small visual presentation. This actually makes it much easier for people to perceive stats, around 60,000 times faster than what happens when stats are presented through simple text.

Some digital marketers see infographic creation tools as being essential for their campaigns. With this in mind, here are some of the best such tools that can be used. You can actually create your own infographics, to use on your blog, or for the promotion of your business.


The best parts of using Infogram: pretty huge graphics available, many free tools and an easy-to-use interface. You can use the free version or go for different paid versions with various features, ranging between $19 and $149 per month.

In the free version you have many templates so it is enough for most users. The template that you choose always has extra variations and there are 17 themes that are free for you.

After you choose the template, you easily change structure and color with access to 41 charts, 25 icons and 7 shapes. On the whole, with the free version you get access to all the tools that a basic marketing campaign needs.

The only problem with Infogram is that you cannot download your infographic if you do not have a subscription. This is not that bad since you can always create different infographics, save them and opt for the paid membership when you are ready to download all the infographics you need for your campaigns.


Piktochart has a very simple-to-use interface and a big advantage is that it offers unlimited maps even with their free version. The paid version costs between $15 and $99 per month and on the whole, this is a sold infographic creator, even in the free version.

There are different free templates available and what can be said is that they are not the generic, really boring ones you always see. It is quite obvious that Piktochart put money into creating templates that are very good for builders.

If you go for the paid plans, you have access to hundreds of templates that can be used. This adds to 14 types of customizable charts and countless icons.

A great thing to see is that you can add your very own images if you want to. Piktochart is an infographic creation tools that offers 40 GB of free space to upload your own graphics.

If you want to download your infographic, you can do so for free in a PNG format. If you need high definition PDFs, you will need a paid subscription.


Canva seems to be mentioned in every conversation when we talk about digital image creation tools for bloggers, marketing and more. Even the free version is more than needed for most possible users.

What is very interesting is that the paid version is quite cheap, just $12.95 per month. For this payment you gain access to countless extra templates and over 1.5 million free images. Even in the free version you get 53 free templates that can be used for infographic creation.

For many digital marketers, Canva is the only digital content creation tool needed. This is how powerful Canva is.


Venngage has a good free version and 2 paid plans: $19 and $49 per month. You do not get access to many free tools for infographic creation but in the paid plans the exact opposite is true.

The big problem with Venngage is that the really polished tools available are for the Premium and Business users. However, you might find what you need in the 28 free charts that are available for free, together with many photos and icon charts.

Another problem is that the search engine that the site uses when you look for images is not that great. Even so, the overall interface is user-friendly so it might be what you need.

Although there is a free version available, you will most likely opt for the paid one since it is just $4 per month. Also, the free tools available are quite limited.

When you use this service for free (why would you at that price?), you receive 10 fonts, 25 images and 10 charts for free. These can be added to the infographic. Although it does seem to be a lot, the truth is that this only creates a very simple and basic infographic.

When you opt for the paid option, you receive access to over 300 templates, over 100 fonts and over 11 million images.

Basically, if you decide to use the paid option, you have access to a really beautiful interface that allows you to quickly build beautiful infographics. There is a huge difference between the free and paid options, making it a sure-thing recommendation to go for the paid opportunity.