The Best Tips on Maintaining Your Car Tires

Putting the right tires on a car means that the passengers are safe to ride in it. Many people do overlook the importance of tire maintenance or checking whether tires are fit to drive on; maybe because it takes around six or more years to replace them and the tires tends to pass many people’s attentive eye. There numerous ways of maintaining the tires and keeping one’s family safe as well as prolonging the life of both the car and the tires themselves.

Maintaining car tires tips

Pressure is the first thing that a person should learn about when it comes to ensuring that a car drives OK. Whenever the pressure in the tires is not in the right range of p/s.i., the occupants of the car will most likely have a not very comfortable ride, especially when it comes to negotiating bumps. This aside, tire pressure highly affects the fuel efficiency of a car. If the right pressure is put in the cars, then up to 3.3% of fuel consumption is saved. Considering the harsh economic times of the day, this is definitely a significant figure that every driver should look at closely. On the other hand, having low pressured tires means that the reverse is true; more fuel to support the dragging effect.

A driver should always strive to keep the tires in the best shape. Knowing when to replace the tires can be a critical thing that will help every other person who happens to own a car. Driving on worn out tires does not only endanger the lives of the car occupants but it is also illegal. A person should know when to change the tires so that the car as well as the safety of those on board s maintained. The 2/32 of an inch rule still applies.

Oftentimes, drivers find themselves having punctures at odd places and at the most inconvenient moment. A driver should always carry a spare tire. While this might not make sense to many people, it sure does when that puncture happens in the middle of a motorway, miles away from a garage. To avoid driving in a flat tire and thereby damaging a rather good tire, one should carry and should always carry a spare tire and the replacing accessories. Maybe the task now will be on how to replace a tire. Asking a mechanic on how to do it and applying general knowledge might prove to be a helpful tip when it comes to replacing a tire.

Tires of a car don’t wear the same. Tires will wear differently because of the uneven distribution of weight around the car every different day. The manufacturer is aware of this and recommends that every 3,000 kilometres or thereby that a car owner rotates the tires. However every different manufacturer has their specific guidelines on when to do this and how to do it. A person can also ask their mechanic for a hand in determining when it is best to rotate the tires. By following these tips then a driver can rest assured that their tires will last longer and keep them safe.

Maintenance of Automobile Tires Infographic:

Maintaining Car Tires Infographic