The Evolution Of Captain Marvel Infographic

Captain Marvel made history as the first movie in the Marvel Universe with a lead female superhero. The movie managed to get over the $1 billion grossing mark pretty fast, much faster than anticipated, even if few people actually knew much about the iconic superhero.

Contrary to what some think, Captain Marvel has a huge history, one that started in 1968. During the years, the good old captain who is much stronger than the better known Captain America, went through numerous changes. She even got some crazy superpowers when she became Binary in X-Men.

If you want to know more about the evolution of Captain Marvel, this is exactly what this infographic is all about. Halloween Costumes put it up for everyone to know. We are sure every single person that loved the movie will want to hear more about the superhero and comic book fans will surely want to double check the accuracy of everything that is presented.

It is interesting to note that there are 9 version of Captain Marvel. Well, at least there are so many based on the costume that was used. While the costume is just a small part of everything and the 2019 movie surely has the best costume for most people, you might also like others. There are some interesting changes. Do you like the grey Captain Marvel? The fire one? The short hair Marvel? The long hair Marvel? Do you like that Captain Marvel has blonde hair? Feel free to share all your thoughts below. What is the best version of Captain Marvel? We are pretty struck on Binary.

Source: Halloween Costumes