The Best Infographics Software

When it comes to infographics software, there are plenty of choices available. From comprehensive to more narrow packages, find one that best meets your needs is key; to help with that task we’ve compiled below our selection of the top infographics software products.

Canva is an easy and intuitive infographic creator that makes creating engaging visuals without the need for professional design skills effortless. Offering thousands of free templates and images from its library as well as other tools that enable data to become engaging visuals quickly and effortlessly, Canva makes creating graphics on mobile devices quick and effortless – perfect for creating graphics while on the move.

Venngage is another fantastic solution for creating infographics that are both effective and memorable, thanks to its user-friendly UI that makes launching infographics effortless for newcomers as well as its wide array of features that appeal to both amateurs and seasoned designers alike. While Venngage offers plenty of features in both its free version and paid subscription packages, the latter makes a better value proposition for small businesses and agencies looking for creative visual content creation solutions that stand out.

Easelly is another great option for creating quick, user-friendly infographics. It follows an intuitive 3-step process, offering all of the standard options such as layouts, shapes, icons and backgrounds – as well as uploading custom fonts if desired – though some features can only be unlocked through paid plans.

Piktochart is a more advanced infographic maker than some of its competitors, providing more advanced features to create stunning infographics and interactive data visualizations, presentations and other digital materials. Not only can it make eye-catching graphics; its library of premade templates offers endless design possibilities; even animation can be added for added creativity!

Visme is an innovative infographic maker with an expansive library of professional templates designed to fit a range of business and creative purposes. Customizable to meet any need, these polished yet minimal layouts allow for effortless creation in minutes – without losing your unique style! Additionally, this tool boasts several other useful features, such as integration with third-party apps/services/mobile apps as well as sharing via email or social media.

Visme’s web-based nature means no software download is necessary for use, and its free plan gives access to hundreds of templates with charting, framing, icon and illustration features – as well as unlimited jpg exports, premium fonts, special animations, organizational tools, high-res png and pdf exports and priority support. Paid subscriptions offer extras such as unlimited exports of high resolution PDF documents with priority support as well as priority support from their Business plan if your project requires collaboration, one on one consultations as well as 1-1 consultations from their dedicated Account manager!