A Dangerous Game: Student Athletes and Head Trauma

We see the headlines every day:

  • Student athletes risk lives by hiding head injuries
  • Is Vermont doing enough to protect student athletes from head injuries?
  • Schools tackle head injuries suffered by student athletes
  • Student athletes return too soon after concussions

Student Athletes

For student athletes, head injuries like concussions are a very real threat every time they step on the field. These types of injuries, however, are not always easy to diagnose, and if gone untreated or the students return to play too quickly, the effects suffered can be long term.

Did you know that, each year, 1.6 to 3.8 million sports-related concussions occur, and a whopping half of those hospitalized are 24 years or younger? Also, less than 10% of occurrences result in loss of consciousness.

A few more statistics:

  • Only 42% of high schools have certified trainers who know how to deal with concussions.
  • Cycling tops the list of top 10 sports-related head injuries.

The infographic below outlines some more important facts about the issue of student athletes and head trauma, and also one suggested methodology for assessing a student athlete who may have suffered a head injury.

Student Athletes and Head Trauma infographic

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