The State Of Mobile Content Marketing

There is no way to deny the fact that mobile content marketing will be really huge in the near future. Infographics like the one you can see below clearly highlights this. It is very important that we stay ahead of the trends and that we adapt to what will happen in the future. The mobile content marketing tends at the moment are usually misunderstood because many do not see them as being vital for business. Although they are not right now, there is a huge possibility that this will change in the future.

Take all the time that you need to understand exactly at what state the current content marketing strategy is for the mobile market. You will quickly notice the fact that the stats highlight a bright future for those that start to do work right now. We have to realize that the internet will always be important for small business and the next step in the evolution of online marketing is directed towards mobile marketing.

The infographic clearly highlights that by the year 2016 we will see 80 percent of US population with mobile phones. The number of tablet users will also reach an impressive 50%. Such predictions cannot be forgotten. We managed to see a growth of 22% in the number of blog visits that appear from tablets or from mobile devices. Email subscriber numbers coming from mobile devices is also growing.

To put it as simple as possible, the data that is included in the infographic presented below is very important for absolutely every single online marketer out there. We need to realize that now is the perfect time to improve absolutely all mobile marketing strategies that are started. Just have patience and you will be able to find some very good opportunities that are available.

Do not hurry and simply look at everything that is presented in the infographic. It is not at all difficult to realize how much money is available in the market and how much can be made on the long run. Those that manage to adapt to the growing usage of mobile devices will always stay ahead of the market. Those that do not adapt will obviously lag behind.

smartphone usage statistics and trends

Source: Anson Alex