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Shipping Truckers

Small businesses are feeling the heat as online commerce is beginning to cut into their business. It isn’t just Netflix and Amazon with free shipping and instant streaming anymore either. Giants like Google and Walmart are also joining in.

Online sales have been increasing every year, and there is nothing to indicate that this rate of growth will slow, as the world’s consumer base becomes more and more dominated by generations that are more comfortable doing things on the internet than in person.

Small businesses will have to compete with the same day delivery that large corporations can only manage because of their size and structure. In order to compete, the little guys will have to evolve and work together.

If you’ve lived in Portland you will notice that grocery delivery has become a thing again. Just like in the old days when the milkman used to come by your house to bring you fresh products, Safeway has instituted a grocery delivery system that allows customers to do their grocery shopping online, and have everything delivered to their door. With a large network of stores and customers, they can deliver efficiently across a large area.

This can make it very difficult for a smaller business to compete. In order to succeed they will have to be creative. Perhaps UPS will jump in and start delivering fresh, local, and high quality products from small butchers, bakers, and farmers, as they have the infrastructure, and could network with any small local businesses.

One thing is certain. It will force more small businesses to establish an online presence and to sell their products remotely. If Blockbuster is any indication, people will choose the faster, online option over face to face exchanges every time.


Delivery is the way of the future.


Shipping Trucker


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