Relocating Americans’ Voice: Moving Facts and Figures

Relocation currently is not what it was an era ago, when most of the people had lesser possessions. In the present scenario, people consider not only ways to get their clothing, house items, books, as well as their kids’ toys and pets from one location to another. Americans have different views about relocating in the U.S. As per the below studies, there is a wide differentiation what Americans feel about relocating in the U.S.

According to a detailed study, when Americans were asked “What makes a place your home?” the results were quite surprising. 25% of people admitted that their home is where they are born and raised. 22% people said where they reside currently. 18% people consider their home where they have lived the longest. 15% feel their home from where they have come from. Rest of the people refused or considered high school as their home. It has also been discovered that 38% of people live somewhere else and their home is somewhere else, 32% people where they live now and somewhere else, 29% where they live now.

The research in detail also analyzed that 51% of people want to return back to home again, 43% of people want to stay where they are, 7% neither want to stay where they are nor want to return.  The study when attempted to determine the country that most immigrants consider as home surprisingly came out as the U.S.

As per the evidences, 76% of people have immigrated to the U.S and living there for over 20 years. 33% of people have immigrated to the U.S and residing for less than 20 years. 14% of immigrants consider their hometown as their only home and 8% of immigrants think that the U.S where they are currently residing and their original hometown is their only home.

The studies also reveal that according to 51% of movers, their major reason of moving in the U.S is for better job opportunities. 36% of Americans have lived in more than one state and these people mostly have families. 49% of 50 to 64 years of people have relocated to U.S and residing there for the past 20 years 23% of 30 to 49 years of people have relocated to the country and residing there for 5 years or less. The data also reveals people who are likely to move to the U.S in the upcoming years and these include 65% of 18 to 29 years of people who want to move and 34% of people who are not likely to move. Additionally 32% of married people who are likely to move and 49% of unmarried people who are not planning to move.

The above facts and figures state that relocation is a thoughtful process and takes places with a wise decision. If you are planning to relocate in the U.S, you can get in touch with a reputable relocation service company that can help you make your relocation day hassle and stress-free.


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