How Much Does Darth Vader’s Costume Cost?

When it comes to Star Wars there are so many questions that people have. It seems that fans always ask questions and it is hard for the people involved in the movies to actually offer answers. This is why when someone asks how much the Darth Vader costume costs in the world of Star Wars, the answer is very hard to find. Fortunately, someone did the math and now we know exactly how much it would cost to be the cool Darth Vader in the franchise.

The infographic below is all about Darth Vader’s costume. There are so many interesting bits included and you will surely find much of the information that is offered as being interesting. You can actually simply start with the helmet in order to see how high the price would go. The augmented reality helmet would cost at least $600,000. Then, thinking about the fact that Vader needs prosthetics for both legs and for the left arm, this alone would cost a total of $180,000. We can also take a look at the base suit. The infographic tells you important things about the suit but the one piece of information that you will surely get stuck on is the price: $12 million. We already need to be multi-millionaires just to have legs, arms, a helmet and a base suit.

Darth Vader is normally something that people from all around the world love as the character was so well created. The movie is among the bestselling of all time and the fascination with Star Wars keeps growing as brand new films are added to the initial franchise. You have to take a look at everything here if you are curious or if you are a really long term fan.

If you do not have the time to read all the data included in this Darth Vader infographic just save it on your computer. You can take a look at any time in the future. Just be sure that you also research more about the technologies highlighted on the internet because it is quite interesting.

Source: Shade Station