Most Popular Toys In The Past 50 Years Infographic

Although this infographic appeared in the year 2013, it is highly interesting and you do want to seriously consider taking a look at it, especially in the event that you love toys and games. The name of the device is “50 Years 50 Toys” and, just as the name implies, you are faced with a list of the 50 really popular games and toys that appeared in the last 50 years.

Everything starts with the 1963 Easy Bake Oven, which basically changed the way in which we handled toy systems. Then, we moved strongly towards the influence of the military and wards through the GI Joe toy, moving just one year after to the Operation game. Operation appeared in the year 1965. Most people do not know this. That is why the infographic is really interesting. You will surely recognize many of the gadgets, toys and games that you see, like the Nintendo that practically changed the entire video game industry. We can easily see really common toys and toys that we never really knew anything about (most of us), like Space Hoppers, Talkboy or the 1988 Starting Lineup.

Take some time and take a look at the infographic below. The people that created it actually framed it and people can see it with ease in various locations from around the world now. This is definitely an example of an infographic that is very well-created, with a feature that is of interest for many. It is quite rare to see something as interesting as what was created here.

If you want to, do make sure that you are going to print it. If you are a geek at heart and you really love the experience, do have a lot of patience in reading absolutely everything about the gadgets that you do not actually know too much about. It is a guarantee that in this gaming infographic there will be various toys that you do not know much about, based on what you actually love. Do click on it in order to see it at a larger resolution. It will help you to look at everything.

most popular toys ever infographic

Source: Abby Ryan Design