Make Up Your Selfies Infographic

Selfies are much more popular than they ever were. That is quite obvious. No matter what social media you are on, it is impossible not to see a lot of selfies every single day in the event that you have a lot of friends. With this in mind, when we saw this infographic, we had to share it since it brings in some statistics that you may not be aware of at the moment. When it comes to selfies we all have our own statistics in mind. As you can see from the infographic’s source, Kim Kardashian is actually spending much more time taking selfies than the average highlighted through the sources used to create the Make Up Your Selfie Infographic.

What is interesting is that the average 16 to 25 year old woman actually takes around 3 selfies daily. That is more than most people expect. Spending around 16 minutes daily for one selfie automatically means that a lot of time is spent, summing up to around 5.5 hours every single week. Taking 7 selfies before you choose one to upload is something that is much more common than what we expected. Some women even take up to 20.

The infographic that you can see below is definitely interesting and offers so many statistics that nobody really knows much about when referring to selfies. It will highlight why women take a selfie and will also showcase the common routine that is associated with these self-taken photos. Obviously, there are different reasons why you would take a selfie. Some do it to feel sexier. Others do it in order to catch the attention of a love interest.

No matter what you think about selfies, it is a really good idea to learn as much as possible about them. We are faced with a practice that is quickly growing in popularity. There are even some smartphones out there that have a front mounted camera that is especially added in order to simplify the selfie making process. That is quite unexpected and most people would have never expected something like this in the past.

Have a look at the following infographic. We are quite sure that you will learn more about selfies in a really short period of time.

slefiesSource: Feel Unique