Main Reasons To Use Infographics To Promote Your Business

One of the goals pursued within a global Online Marketing strategy is that the content you generate ends up becoming viral and the more it is shared, the better. For your messages to get to be shared as many times as possible, not only is a good text necessary, which can awakening the interest of our readers, but the visual part of our content also plays an essential role. Thus, one of the most creative and effective solutions to achieve this goal is infographics.

But what is an infographic? Can an image with a small text be considered an infographic? Not exactly. An infographic is a visual representation of texts that are manifested graphically to convey useful information to the user.

The great aspect to highlight about an infographic is that information, when with a visual image, is much more intuitive.

Here are some reasons to use infographics to promote your business:

1. They promote a longer stay on the page

An infographic attracts attention, arouses the interest of the user who looks, reads and watches the entire image while processing the information. All this makes the user increase the time spent on your site.

2. They project an image of modernity

Communicating what is in fashion is synonymous with being current, modern, knowing the latest trends, and being interested in them. A plus in your communication strategy that your follower will value very positively.

3. They are a source of viralness

It is content that is conducive to sharing and spreading on networks. This will allow your content to go viral quickly and provide backlinks by increasing traffic to your blog or website.

4. They help to be a means of reference

If you manage to transmit all the information that the user is looking for on a specific topic, you will become a primary and reference source of information for the user. They will recognize your brand and consider you as an indispensable source in their searches.

5. They can be read quickly

Reading an infographic is much faster than reading a text. The infographic brings together in a visual and clear way the main ideas of the total written content. Its function is to complement the content of the text with visual elements that allow the total understanding of your reader.

6. You can create your own design

The infographics are at everyone’s hand and are 100% customizable. You just have to have clear ideas to be able to create an infographic that includes illustrations, images, logos and even animated elements. On online platforms like Canva, you can create your own infographics with the colors and shapes that identify your business.

7. They help to create the brand image

The personalized design of infographics allows you to adapt the content of the same to the corporate image of your company. A simple typeface or the colors that identify your brand can generate branding, one of the main goals of content marketing, for which using infographics is key.


So now you know: if you want more virality in your content, don’t forget to include a good infographic.