The Great Advantages of LED Bulbs

The slightly higher initial cost of investing in LED bulbs can sometimes put people off and encourage them to buy back into short-life inferior lighting options. The simple mathematics of lower unit price may seem incorruptible at the time of purchase. However, the long-term benefits of the LED bulb often see the investor make significant savings and incur a wide range of other benefits and advantages.

The LED bulb is an incredibly energy efficient installation, turning a high percentage of the energy travelling through its workings into functioning light. Whilst this may seem obvious and something a standard for a light bulb; many halogen bulbs turn the energy they use into heat and carbon. This increased energy efficiency means that less energy is wasted and subsequently less money is wasted.

The average 8 watt LED bulb emits the same level of light as a 65 watt halogen bulb, this equates to an energy efficiency more than 8 times its more traditional brethren. In theory this means that the halogen bulb at times will need 8 times as much energy to light a room as its LED counterpart. Anybody who is paying per unit of energy will understand that this could incur a significant increase in expenditure.

There are also additional savings to be made including the lower replacement costs. Many LED bulbs can last for upwards of 50,000 hours, meaning that they will seldom have to be replaced. The fewer the replacements needed, the lower the overall replacement costs. This is particularly beneficial for professional properties that may have a large number of light fittings or LED downlights within the establishment.

This energy efficiency means that less carbon emissions are produced by the bulbs. Low efficiency bulbs can often create a large amount of carbon emissions which are extremely harmful to the environment. Over time, this negative effect on the environment could manifest itself in severe damage. The damage may not materialise for years or even for decades so it may actually be the low-efficiency bulb owner’s children or their children who suffer the consequences of installation.

There are a myriad of other benefits that can be accrued from the installation of LED bulbs including a decreased amount of heat emitted. Many of these reasons can be seen on the adjoining infographic that depicts some of the less well-known and more fun reasons why switching to LED lighting could be one of the greatest decisions you ever make.


The author suggest you this helpful LED bulbs infographic:



LED Bulbs

You will probably find a reason for you to switch to energy LED bulbs at home.