Industrial disasters – Top trumps

We have compiled a list of the most infamous Industrial Disasters across the globe. Industry has been an ever present in civilised society, providing materials, products and energy, As time has progressed so has industry. The advancements of technology, demand and economies have drove this progression. A notable peek in this was the industrial revolution in England from the late 1800s to early 1900s. The birth of heavy machinery replaced hand tools and revolutionised the way manufacturing was performed.

Although industry isn’t at the peak it was then, it still shares a trait, the potential hazard that it possess. The poor working conditions of the industrial revolution may be a thing of the past but when dealing with hazardous materials, heavy machinery and unpredictable conditions, there is always risks.

At Atrium we are experts in Industrial Disease so are perfectly placed to compile this list of Industrial Disasters. Each element has been recorded such as deaths, injuries, cost plus each has been given an overall Disaster Rating. To compare these different incidences, what better way that in the form of Top Trumps! You can now judge each event against each other in a simple and interesting way. Each card is accompanied by some background information on each disaster.


Industrial Disasters Infographic





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