The Most Iconic Movie Filmed In Each State Infographic

People living in a city will quickly learn about the movies that were filmed or simply based on that city but when it comes to the US state, the number of movies can be pretty high. There are so many that could be mentioned. Isn’t it really difficult to choose just one iconic movie that basically stands out as the very best one filmed in a specific state? What would you choose? How do you compare? So many questions pop up.

Thankfully, Hotels Combined decided for us. They created the infographic named The Most Iconic Movie Filmed In Your State? and you can easily check it out below. These are highly popular, iconic movies that are directly connected with the state where they were filmed. Obviously, you might not agree with the movie that is chosen so you might have another opinion. If this is the case, you can easily let us know in the comment section. What other movie should represent your state?

We have to say that we were surprised about some of the movies presented in the infographic. For instance, we had no idea The Deer Hunter or Django Unchained were filmed in the specific locations mentioned. The same was the case for many with Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End or Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, since the movies did look a lot like having been filmed in another country. This basically shows us all that we have so much beauty present in the US that few people actually know much about.

Are you a movie buff and you want to check some of the various different locations where the iconic movies were filmed? You can easily visit the set locations in various cases so your vacation is going to definitely be quite interesting. Just be sure that you prepare as in advance as possible, especially during high travel seasons since there will surely be other tourists interested in the same thing as you. It would be a shame not to have accommodation, as an example, simply because you decide to leave tomorrow as opposed to planning the trip.