How Women See Their Bodies Infographic

Unfortunately, this is an infographic that is not as happy as we would like it to be. However, it does bring up some questions that we should all ask in relation to how a woman sees her body. We tend to believe that celebrities are really happy with the body that they have but that is not actually the case. The truth is that they just know how to accentuate their positive aspects while moving focus from the areas that can be seen by flaws.

The fashion industry did negatively influence how women see their bodies. The “How Women See Their Bodies” infographic that you can see below is a really good example of that. As you can easily notice from the information that is provided, 80% of women do not like their bodies and a woman has, on average, 13 negative thoughts about the way in which she looks per day. That is a lot more than she should have, that is for sure!

We recommend that you click on the infographic below and that you carefully look at every single stat that is presented. It is a certainty that the statistics included will change your perception of fashion. While it is true that the attention of people from all around the world shifted and we now start to see models that are no longer too skinny on the catwalk, this does not mean that there are no problems that have to be discussed.

Remember the fact that women from all around the world have self-image problems. There is no woman alive that does not have some problems related to the way they look. With this in mind, it is really important that we play our part and that we support the healthy look approach that is currently respected by a lot of people. We saw Victoria’s Secret models being gorgeous and not as anorexic as the ones we are used to. Fashion designers from all around the world are starting to pay close attention to the models that they use and want to do all that they can in order to promote a healthy woman image. That is definitely great but we should also play our part and help by spreading the message in this infographic.

how women see their bodies infographic

Source: YoYo Style