How to Make TV Infographics Engaging and Share-Worthy

TV infographics can be an effective and engaging way to convey information quickly and simply. Short, self-contained, and shareable – when done well they can even help your brand stand out.

However, an infographic created without audience engagement in mind could backfire and create more harm than good. Viewers quickly recognize marketing ploys that appear unengaging or share-worthy infographics as viewers quickly see through them and don’t interact with them; creating such infographics risks losing credibility with viewers. Thankfully there are several tricks you can use to make sure TV infographics remain engaging and share-worthy.

If you are going to dedicate the time and energy into creating an infographic, make sure that it will be worth your while. Although you may be tempted to include lots of buzzwords for attention-getting purposes, this may backfire by confusing viewers instead. Instead, focus on using key words or phrases which draw the eye while being mindful not to overdo it.

At the outset of any infographic presentation, it’s essential to include a brief summary. This allows viewers to understand more fully its purpose and determine whether or not it meets their needs. Bullet points or images may make the description simpler.

Make sure your infographic features a link back to your website or blog; this will drive traffic while creating backlinks to it. Consider creating a vanity URL for it that automatically creates backlinks when shared on other sites or blogs.

Keep this in mind when creating infographics: they should always be based on factual data. Incorrect or outdated statistics will only serve to confuse viewers and undermine your credibility as a creator. To prevent this, cross-reference all sources to ensure accuracy; additionally, regularly revisit and update your infographics as facts may change over time.

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An infographic is a visual depiction of information and data, often using charts, maps, graphs, timelines, diagrams or other visual elements to display this data in an easy and engaging format. Infographics have many applications in journalism and media production as well as education/training/business and marketing – with audiences finding infographics particularly engaging because of how their visual/verbal combination provides complex ideas in an approachable and creative manner.