How Much Should You Tip? [Infographic]

Tipping is, was and always will be a highly controversial topic. It is really important that you think about how much you should tip and when you absolutely have to tip. We say this because there are various situations in which tips are highly important and actually make up the highest part of the income that one individual has. Also, there are situations in which it is normal to tip more than normal as the situations are warranting this.

In case you were not aware of this, TIP originally stood for “To Insure Promptitude”. It was basically a way to guarantee that service was as it should be or that would lead towards excellence. There are some establishments today that actually include gratuity or tip in the bill whether you want it or not.

Getting back to the main subject at hand with this small description, we found an infographic that teaches you all that you have to know about how much you should tip, when you absolutely have to tip and extra advice about how much should be paid based on the presence of a holiday.

Most people in the world know nothing about who should be tipped and how much should be tipped. If you are among them, you want to look at every part of the infographic. If you think that this is not necessary, let us think about a couple of situations. Let’s say that your toilet is now overflowing and the time is 2 AM. Or, let’s say that it is a national holiday. In such a situation, wouldn’t it be normal to pay a little bit more as a tip?

We invite you to save the infographic on your computer. Read it and memorize as much as possible. We guarantee that there are some things that you never actually thought about. The data that is presented will give you all the guidelines that are needed in order to choose how much to tip and understand when it is normal to pay more as a tip than what you would normally offer.

tips for tipping infographic

Source: Business Insider