How Google Glass Works Infographic

Google Glass is definitely the one gadget that makes us feel like in Sci-Fi movies and the future of tech and online development is highly connected with what this device managed to achieve. The problem is that there are way too many out there that talk about Google’s invention without actually having worn a pair of these glass or even understanding how the Google Glass works. This is where this really interesting infographic can step in and give you a much needed helping hand.

There are so many questions that are connected with this device. Nobody really understands how it works but people do have opinions. What is really interesting is the overlay of the digital image with what a person sees. We are definitely talking about a technical masterpiece that does manage to combine so many features and functions in a small unit. In fact, most do not know anything about the true potential of this gadget due to the fact that not much is known about how it actually works. Many only know about the addition of GPS and the Internet connection possible.

As you can see from the infographic below, the image that you see is basically projected on to the user’s retina. This is how everything is displayed. These glasses have an included projector that is capable of projecting through a semi-transparent prism, right on the retina, making the image really clear and sharp, even if it is really close to the eye. Focus optimization is possible and the front region of the device can be moved in order to achieve that.

Instead of making suppositions, take a look at the infographic and see exactly how Google Glass works. There is a pretty good possibility that the information offered will be relatively new and that you will learn new things that you can take into account the next time you discuss the device. It is not the only one that is available at the moment but out of all the infographics, this is the one that actually answers the question: How does Google Glass work? Learn how it works and see if this is something that you do want to consider buying in the near future.


Source: Brillen Sehhilfen