House Styles Around The World Infographic

Do you want to know how people from all around the world live? If so, the House Styles Around The World Infographic is something you surely want to check out, most likely download and carefully analyzed. The survey at the basis of the infographic showcases many different interesting home styles that you might or might not know much about.

You will see house styles that are big in Europe, including the wooden chalet, an inspiration for worldwide ski resorts. Then, you can learn about the symbol of Korean architecture, the hanok, which is usually built with all-natural, recyclable materials like rock, soil and timber.

Learn about the interesting structures that are synonymous with Canada and America, like the bay-and-gable that you can find in Toronto and Ontario and the barndominiums, which have an older and newer version.

It is really simple to dismiss architecture and the impact that some of these structures had over history as they are how people lived and how people live even today. At the same time, there are various misconceptions that are associated with them, like the igloo that is always associated with Eskimos, when the truth is that they are more synonymous in history with other people.

In the House Styles Around The World Infographic you can see 20 examples of architecture for residents of the present and the past. The hard work and the research were done by Skywalker Roofing, an NC area roofing companies with a really good reputation.

Do you want to learn more about the izba in Russia or the trullos of Italy? Maybe you never even heard about the minka that is the “house of the people” in Japan. No matter the case, it is a certainty that you are going to learn many interesting things about the house styles that are presented in the infographic below. Just check it out and see what you already know and what is new for you.

Source: Skywalker Roofing