House moving tips infographic

Australia is home to several states, each of which exudes a unique character and atmosphere, making them equally enticing to homeowners as prospective sites to move in. Residents cite various reasons that influence their decision to relocate. Young students might find a more suitable school for the education they hope to obtain. Job opportunities in specialised industries are more prevalent in specific states.  The infographic below provides some statistics regarding certain demographics among Australian movers, as well as the common factors for moving to other states.

The motive and purpose for moving may be different for every individual, but the steps involved essentially follow a similar process. Before you work on packing and plotting your journey, make sure you establish proper planning. It’s much easier to transfer items if every appliance and furniture is organised. Below you’ll also find a visual timeline which you can use as reference before and during the date of your move.

It’s quite tempting to just chug your stuff in boxes and tape them shut. However, if you fail to properly secure your belongings, it shouldn’t surprise you if they get damaged even before they reach the new site. There are several packaging products you can utilise to protect even your fragile items. You can use this guide in deciding which ones will apply to your specific purposes. To ensure the quality of boxing, packaging and cushioning of your things, trust only established brands with years of experience.

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House moving tips infographic


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