Free online tools for the awesome Infographic

Creating an Infographic is very easy, but creating a good one that is original is a little more difficult. A lot of the time, the design is good but the factors affecting its overall quality are lacking. That is where free online tools come in. They allow you to create well-designed and high quality Infographics without any fuss at all. Here are some of the best free tools and resources online at the moment.



This is actually a good tool to use if you want to brand your Infographics. You can pick an icon from icon finder and use it on your Infographic. Use the license filter and choose “Allowed for commercial use” to see all the icons you can use for your Infographic. The great thing is that you can create different brands for different Infographics. For example, if you have a set of highly technical programming Infographics, then you can brand them with a different icon from your Infographics about flower arranging.


Free images

There are numerous websites that you can use to get free images. They are not tools in themselves, but they are places where Infographic creators can get free images. The images may also be used for commercial use, which means that you can use them even if you are going to sell your Infographic. Try Flickr to start with, since some of the images on there are free for commercial use (not all of them are, so please check first).


Stock.xchange also offers images that are free to use and you do not have to link to them either, which is good for Infographics. EveryStockPhoto is also a great resource for free images because it has a massive range of images. The only downside is that you will have to read the license agreement for every image you use, because some licenses are not free for commercial use. Nevertheless, there are literally thousands of very high quality images on the site that are free for commercial use, so you should really have a look if you want to create good Infographics.

Some people will type the content of their Infographic onto a Word document first and then run a spelling and grammar check. However, because your Infographic is likely to hold small snippets of text in various locations, you will find that the Spelling and Grammar checker on Word is even less effective than it usually is. With SpellCheckerPlus, you can copy and paste up to 250 words at a time into the tool. It checks the spelling and grammar and then gives you possible suggestions to improve your spelling and grammar. Unlike other tools, this one is free, and will highlight some of the most commonly misused words to check to see if you have used them correctly. It is a great tool for if you want to ensure your Infographic is not loaded with poor grammar, poor spelling and poor word use.


Image source: 100% Free Blue by Kosta Kostov
Image source: 100% Free Blue by Kosta Kostov


This is a good free tool for creating your tagged keywords Cloud. Designing a good Infographic is important, but this tool will help to make sure that more people actually see it.


Hohli Charts and Google Charts

Google Charts is a free tool that you can use to create charts of your own. You enter the raw data into the tool, and then you are able to create charts that make your data more comprehensible. There are a number of tools, which are a mix of the Google Visualization API and the Google Chart API.


Hohil Charts is actually based upon the Google Charts system. The tool goes a little further and adds a few extra features. This tool allows you to create pie charts, bar charts and line charts. You may create scatter pilots, radar charts and Venn diagrams too.

Both of these tools are good for laying out information visually, since many Infographics look stale and ugly if they are simply filled with raw data. They also become harder to read if they are filled with raw data, and are kind-of missing the point of and Infographic, which is to transfer information in a highly visual way. Another free tool of this ilk is Piktochart, which will do a similar thing to Hohli Charts and Google Charts.