Fattest States In The USA Infographic

Whenever talking about obesity, the one country that is mentioned is USA. It is not at all difficult to understand why, especially after you take a look at the following infographic. Many talk about the various obesity problems that are present in the country, especially when thinking about the younger generations. It is quite hard to negate this but there is one other question that appears since nobody actually denies the fact that America has a problem:

What are the fattest states in USA?

If you answered Colorado, you are way off since this is the least fat state in the country with an obesity rate of 18.9%, which is a lot less than the leading state’s 32.5%. Such infographics are always great and you have to consider everything that is mentioned. To make the infographic even more valuable, you will also take a look at the second section, which takes about the obesity and overweight rates in relation to children, which is a clear statement. The differences between the graphs do exist and can easily be analyzed but you will want to consider the facts that are similar to.

This is just one of the many health infographics that talk about the problems that are associated with obesity. It only tackles USA since this is the country that is normally considered as being among the fattest in the world but the situation is also bad when dealing with other countries. It is really important that you look at such infographics since it will help you to figure out that we are faced with a huge problem.

The cheapness of fast food and the lack of an education about healthy eating are just two of the reasons why we see such high obesity and overweight rates in the USA. After all, the large fast food restaurant chains in the world do come from America. Many blame the country but we should blame the people that do not focus much on healthy eating. Statistics are not wrong and cannot be dismissed. It is really important that we look at such infographics and that we learn all that we can about the subject.


Source: Weight Loss Diet Watch