What You Should Do In Extreme Heat

A heat wave is primarily an extended period of extensively heated weather along with high humidity levels. Exact measuring of a heat wave is still a debatable matter. However, many schools of thought agree that on the days that receive massive sunlight accompanied with hot winds and humidity, may be termed as heat wave.

A heat wave, at times, can create serious health hazards for humans and animals alike. Heat rashes and heat crams are common health related issues that occur to humans during heat wave. In addition, immense exposure to extremely heated weather can cause dehydration, which can prove fatal in many cases.

It is important to keep care of you and loved ones whenever there is a heat wave. Children need special care during this time since excessive heat can rapidly dehydrate their body in matter of hours. Special care should also be imparted to pets.

In order to get the latest updates on heat wave in your proximity, it is important that your information sources are consistently updated. You can tune into your local weather radio as well as TV and internet to get the latest information regarding the heat wave.

It is advisable to get your air conditioning serviced before the summers. This will ensure that your air conditioning system is helping in keeping the indoor temperature neutral.

Also, avoid going out during peak mid-day hours.  Scorching heat can cause nausea and seizures to minors and adults. Avoiding sunny afternoons will ensure that your body remains out of damage’s way.

Drink a lot of water; regardless if you feel thirsty or otherwise. Your body requires excess hydrants in the summers to allow you to function at optimum level.

If you are in middle of DIY project such as painting or renovating your house, then always schedule it in the evenings. Strenuous work can cause body dehydration faster during summers.

The best way to avoid falling prey to a heat wave is to stay indoors and avoid unnecessary outings during mid-day.

These are some of the tips that can help you fight a heat wave better! We have created the infographic below in order to help you be acquainted with all the steps you can take to tackle intense heat.


Original infographic source: Reachplus.com