The Effects and Benefits of Spices

This infographic produced by Nawaab Restaurant in Manchester displays the numerous benefits of spices in food. Detailed research into the effects of the various spices used in popular Indian meals and the signature dishes at Nawaab demonstrates how the body can benefit greatly from the consumption spices.

A large percentage of the body can experience great benefits from varying spices; the heart and lungs in particular. Super spices such as turmeric and capsaicin seem to incur almost limitless benefits to a wide range of the body’s organs and functions.

The infographic details both health benefits and the effects of spices. The research also discovered that the strong sent of spices can tantalise more than just the nose. Scientists have determined that other parts of the body such as the blood can be evoked by smell. This leads to the body enjoying a full sensory experience with Indian Cuisine.

There are a number of more superficial benefits provided by spices such as the administration of mustard oil to the scalp being used to slow and reverse the effects of balding. Impressively, both cayenne peppers and jalapenos have been shown to speed up the metabolism in those that consume it.

Consult the infographic to discover how you could benefit from adding a bit of spice to your life.

 Benefits of Spices infographic

Benefits of Spices infographic