Dissecting the Carton Anatomy

You may think cartons may only be used for storing items during a house transfer. Card boxes are however, highly flexible and durable even. They may be used to secure different types of furniture, and protect even the most delicate of pieces.


On of a Kind Design Pieces

Let’s say you’re interested about up cycling, which means using old items and turning them into works of art. You can blend functionality and style through turning your carton stocks into a magazine rack. Pile and line them up. Apply paint on the surface of the cardboards, and voila, you can have a nicely done rack to blend with your interior.

Customizable mats aren’t also a bad idea. Your visitors may notice the difference of an up cycled mat, as they wipe their feet before entering the room. There’s really no waste of materials as cartons may be used in different forms and designs, such as the ones mentioned.


Get Dressed Up and be Sporty

The little ones get to enjoy home games much more. Carton bowling alleys are set up while inside the house. This one game can be awesomely paired up with a dress up or hat parade.

Ignite creativity around the house as you pull out paints, and other art materials to create inspired hats. The kids can think of their favourite super heroes and draw their favourite figures on the hats. They can get active with their costumes made of cardboards, as they may be used as armours.


Garden Accessory

You can protect your knees, while gardening. Cardboard knee pads are free and replaceable. They’re comfy cushions as well on a fertile soil. You can also protect your plants from weed interruption, so they’ll grow healthy.

Another use for your carton could be as a garden box. You can fill it with different types of soil, and you’ll have even more control on the compost you’ll add as fertilizers for your crop.


Creative uses for cardboard boxes


This infographic is produced by Signet Strapping