Dining Etiquette Around The World Infographic

When it comes to dining etiquette, you can so easily end up faced with problems when you do not know what you have to do as you reach a destination. Travelling without knowing local dining is a huge mistake. People can easily get offended when their traditions are not respected. The easiest example that can be highlighted is how much you eat when you are served. If you eat everything from your plate in one country, you will be seen as respectful, while in others you would be seen as a person that wants more.

The dining etiquette infographic that can be seen below can help you to gain a lot of information you will surely appreciate. For instance, you can learn a lot about tipping, which is necessary in all countries but which has various rules based on where you are. There are countries in which you should never leave a tip. For instance, In Japan this is seen as being rude. In Chine there is a policy that involves zero tipping and in Portugal it is recommended to leave a tip of around ten percent. You may even travel to a country that includes tipping inside the bill, as a service charge. You can tip more but since tipping is always included, everything is much easier.

Showing appreciation is also highly important when referring to dining etiquette. You are going to be seen as completely rude in some western countries if you slurp or belch while you are dining and in some countries it is something that is seen as you like the food. As a simple example, when you are in Japan, slurping noodles and soup from your bowl is acceptable. Noise making will show your chef that you really love the meals you are eating.

Look at the food infographic that is presented below. We are quite sure that you will quickly realize the fact that this is something that will help you to understand dining etiquette in various important travel destinations from around the world. There is so much useful information included and it is a guarantee you will not offend the chef or anyone around you when you actually utilize the tips highlighted.

dining etiquette infographic

Source: Restaurant Choice