Can we get rid of the Department of Motor Vehicles conducted a research to find out how Americans interact with government agencies and whether they are satisfied with the services provided by government employees. They were especially interested in the Department of Motor Vehicles, and asked people to point out the shortcomings of the DMV and suggest solutions that could help DMVs across the country be more efficient.

A vast majority of the people that were surveyed said that the government is inefficient, and will support increased investment in state DMVs for new online services, and that they are willing to accept DMV services provided by private 3rd parties.

This research yielded some interesting ideas for transforming the DMV and the way it provides its services. People suggest that most of the DMV services are moved online, and those services that can’t be provided online, can be provided by private companies, whose employees are more efficient and help reduce the costs of processing orders.

Considering that the American economy is in a pretty bad shape at the moment, the government needs to radically change the way its institutions work, by taking advantage of the advanced technology that is available today and by outsourcing the majority of their services to the private sector.

A total of 2,275 Americans responded to’s survey for the past 4 moths, starting on June 5th 2013. Here is a summary of the key findings from the survey:

  •     55.38% would rather go to the DMV instead of a dentist;
  •     69.76% want their state to invest in making more ‘DMV’ services that would be available online;
  •     Under “Wait Times” on a 5 point satisfaction scale, 15.05% gave it a 1 – Very dissatisfied and 16.19% gave it a 2 – Dissatisfied;
  •     47.02% gave a response that the average wait time was above 30 minutes;
  •     85.23% has felt discriminated by a ‘DMV’ employee because of race, age, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation;
  •     67.15% has felt rudeness from a ‘DMV’ employee or a DMV official.

The infographic tries to articulate our findings with some lovely graphics. It tries to detect the bottlenecks of the DMV institution and the areas for improvement. We would like to invite you to share this on your blog or social media and join the debate.

DMV infographic
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