A Day In The Internet Infographic

Did you ever stop to wonder what happens during just one day on the internet? With the rate at which the online world is currently expanding, it is quite obvious that the stats that are now presented by various sites will no longer be viable in the future but we can take the A Day In The Internet infographic below as a great starting point for all people that want to learn some pretty interesting facts about the online world.

From the moment you look at the internet infographic you will notice something that is really interesting: every single day a number of 210 billion emails are sent out. If you are a really heavy internet user, you are most likely really happy now with how many you send. Yes, there are people that actually send out hundreds, some even thousands every single day. The number of emails is so much higher than actual letters that are sent in the USA every year. How the world changed!

Flickr is popular. You surely know that. However, did you know that around 3 million new photos are uploaded to that website every single day? It is one thing that most people out there have no idea about. You have to realize that the Internet is so much bigger than you may first imagine. The A Day In The Internet infographic even shows us how much information is sent to and from mobile devices every single day. You will be surprised to see the amount and do not forget about the fact that the rate of acceptance for smartphones is actually on the rise. Every single day, millions of dollars are made with by companies through the users that take advantage of the options offered by their mobile phones. Exactly how much is written in the infographic.

Take a look at everything that is presented below. This is quite a useful infographic that you will love. Feel free to visit the creator’s site and maybe you will be able to find even more stats of interest. These are just some. The internet is definitely huge!

A Day In The Internet Infographic

Source: Online Education