Coronavirus Symptoms Timeline [Infographic]

The coronavirus pandemic is taking over the entire world. It is not known when it will end and the most important thing at the end of the day is making sure people are as educated as possible about the huge threat that exists. Unfortunately, most people have no idea what the current COVID-19 situation is. They do not know the symptoms that appear so they might not self-isolate or consult a doctor when this is mandatory.

The Coronavirus Symptoms Timeline Infographic is a very simple visual representation of the evolution of the disease, from infection to hospitalization, and beyond.

As an extra that you need to be aware of, the most common symptoms of COVID-19 are:

  • Dry cough
  • Tiredness
  • Fever

Keep in mind that some people might also experience diarrhea, sore throat, runny nose, pains, and aches. Usually, it takes up to one week for people to show symptoms. The problem is that this process can take up to 14 days. There are also people that do not show any symptom. These can end up infecting others without even knowing that they are infected.

Try to learn as much as you can about the coronavirus. It is vital that you take the necessary steps to protect yourself, your family and others. Unfortunately, most individuals out there do not take this pandemic seriously. Do not make this mistake.

Whenever possible, avoid going out of the home. You should purchase supplies in bulk so that they last for at least 2 weeks. This is the best time to buy food in advance and you need to work from home whenever this is a possibility. Be careful with every single contact that you have and wash your hands as often as you can. Whenever possible, use antibacterial cleaning solutions.

coronavirus timeline infographic

Source: The Lancet