The Coffee Facts [Infographic]

These days it is quite impossible to last a whole day without at least seeing someone that drinks a coffee. This black gold drink is seen as vital for so many people. It is literally appreciated by millions. With such a huge popularity it does come as a surprise to notice that so little is actually known about coffee. The Coffee Facts infographic steps in to help you with a lot of information you are going to appreciate.

Do you know what countries produce the most coffee in the world? The number one on the list should be no surprise since many know about Brazil but the other countries may surprise you. Also, for many it is not going to be a surprise that USA stands out as the largest coffee consumer in the world. However, second on the list is Germany, a country that is much smaller than many others. Many other surprises appear when looking at the countries that consume a lot of coffee.

Through this Coffee facts infographic you will learn about many interesting things like the fact that coffee is actually the second most commonly traded commodity in the entire world. It is basically only second to oil, which is needed to run all industries due to transportation reasons. The second one is coffee, which is quite interesting. At the same time, you can learn about the most consumed and preferred coffee types al around the world. You can even see some of the most popular brewing methods used at the moment.

Did you know what the most expensive coffee in the world is? Did you know that black coffee is appreciated by 35% of the coffee drinkers? These are the types of facts that you can expect. There is basically no way to deny that coffee is very important these days. You see it everywhere and coffee shops keep popping up all around us. Analyze everything and see what is new for you right now.

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