Buying Tips When Considering a Used Car

Sooner or later, we are all in the market to buy a car. Most of us may even consider buying a used car at least once in our lives. And in today’s economy, car buyers may even want their car at the best price but also have a car with a long lifespan.

In fact, according to a recent Toyota survey, more than half (52%) of buyers do not know what type of car they want until they visit a dealer. But about a quarter (26%) of these buyers found the experience fun and interesting.

And while 59% of buyers look at both used and new cars, just 10 percent only look at used cars. That’s quite a difference when the average vehicle age is 11 years.

So when you purchase your next vehicle, do some homework. Research what type of car you would like to buy first, because buying a used car may have some advantages.

Your research may include popular colors, models, mileage or even best brands.

Did you know that almost half of the people surveyed spent up to 3 months researching their next car, spending an average of 19 hours comparing models online.

More than a third of buyers researched 5 or more different cars, while 53% preferred to interact with a dealer online.

Most buyers like mid-size cars and crossover trucks, usually in white, silver or grey colors. Large cars and mid-size trucks were found to be the least popular types, so maybe a bargain can be gained with these models.

But beware, 43% of us are loyal to a specific brand of car, with Toyota leading the popularity contest.

So what do we need to know about buying a used car? Check out this infographic of  12 interesting facts and tips about how Americans buy their next vehicle.


Twelve things you did not know about buying used car


Tips on how to buy used car
Consider these tips and they will help you a lot when buying used car.
By K
arsten Ivey