The best, most dangerous and haunted roads in the world

Have you ever drove along a road and wondered what its history is? Is long drives one of the reasons why you enjoy travelling? New roads, new sights, good music, great company. These are a few things that make road trips a lot more enjoyable and worthy of your time. But how does it feel like to  be driving in other parts of the world? What stories await to unfold as you step behind the wheel?

There are so many interesting roads around the globe and while some practice left-hand driving while others are accustomed to right-hand driving, one thing is for sure. Every road has a story to tell. Which ones have the most breathtaking views? Which ones let you appreciate nature and engineering all at once? Which ones are the most exhilarating? Which roads date back to historic wars? Which ones are infamous for having the most accidents? And which ones maneuvers you to a curb of ghosts and unexplainable incidents?

So many roads in the world and so many information about them to acquire. You don’t need to get overwhelmed by data. From Guoliang Tunnel Road in China to Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand to the Atlantic Road in Norway to Tuen Mun Road in Hong Kong, we have compiled in this infographic a list of each of the best, most dangerous, and most haunted roads in the world. Along with it are fun facts that travel enthusiasts, road trippers, and random adventure seekers will find very interesting. Know which road has the average death toll of 100-300 a year, which one has a ghostly marching soldiers that disrupt the busy traffic, which road has a travel time of 3-5 days, and where was the location of the James Bond Goldfinger film.

If you’re planning a road trip anytime soon, don’t miss the infographic below!


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