Antibiotic Resistance [Infographic]

Did you know that antibiotics can fail because bacteria become resistant to them? This is not theory. This became reality in the past years. The Antibiotic Resistance – The Global Threat infographic you can check out below talks exactly about this alarming process.

The big problem, as you can see from the health infographic, is that we do not really know the full impact of antibiotic resistance. This means that it is really important to take urgent action. It is very possible that modern medicine as we know it will no longer be effective in treating several different illnesses and conditions.

The Antibiotic Resistance infographic highlights some very disturbing facts. For instance, antibiotic resistance causes a huge 2.5 million extra days in a hospital and around 25,000 deaths every single year. And this is just in the EU, where medicine is considered to be very advanced. In Thailand, over 38,000 people die every year because of antibiotic resistance. In India, almost 60,000 babies end up dead because bacteria resistant to medication was passed on from mothers.

Why is antibiotic resistance even a thing? Several reasons can be highlighted, ranging from poor hygiene to over-prescribing antibiotics.

Take a look at the infographic highlighted below. Save it to have access to the vital information in it. You can learn about how you can stop antibiotic resistance or at least lessen its damaging effect on humanity. If you work in any field of medicine, this is something that should concern you.

Fortunately, the Antibiotic Resistance infographic also highlights the fact that this is a problem that could be solved. The trick is to fully understand that it is a big problem and take all the necessary steps to reduce its impact. In time, we will no longer have a problem. However, not taking into account what is presented and keeping up with current practices would lead to having a much more serious problem on our hands. This is exactly what should be avoided and what the main priority should be for every single doctor who is prescribing antibiotics to treat any condition.