Alternative Fuels for Automobiles

One of the most basic characteristics of the existing sources of vehicle fuel like petroleum or diesel oil etc. is that their availability is limited and confined. Recent studies reveal that there has been an alarming decline in the reserves of existing energy reserves. They are slowly getting depleted due to excessive consumption by the ever increasing human population.

These fuels which played a pivotal role in giving birth to industrialisation have also played a key role in posing a major threat to the environment. They are responsible for generating a number of environmental problems including air pollution; thereby affecting not only humans but also all the other life forms on earth.

Considering the current scenario, there is a need to use alternative fuels for vehicles – fuels that can be replenished, regenerated and are eco-friendly.

Alternative fuels are fuels which can be used in place of traditional forms of fuels like petroleum. They serve as an environment friendly source for running automobiles. Both the government sector and the private sector have realised that developing and promoting the use of alternative car fuels is the need of the hour. Countries have invested millions of dollars not only in the development of alternative fuels but also vehicles customised to run especially on alternative sources of fuel only. Countries are now framing stringent provisions and laws for the protection of the environment too.

Various alternative fuels have emerged as a result – the ones topping the list being ethanol, bio fuel, compressed air, hydrocarbon fuels, and methanol. These fuels are environment friendly and have been termed as “green fuels” as a result. They can be easily replenished unlike traditional resources that are slowly depleting.

Some of the advantages of using these alternative car fuels are:

  • Renewable
  • Cheaper than gasoline
  • Sources like hydrogen are abundant and is thus renewable
  • Home charging infrastructure is available
  • Quiet running of vehicles
  • No harmful emissions

So, finally, for or those who care, “Go Green”!

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