Accessorize your iPhone 5 and true cost

true cost of iphone infographic

Infographic courtesy of Avalaunch Media

So we have all had our new iPhone 5 handsets for a while and with the amounts that are being sold we no longer feel like the “chosen one”. Just owning the phone is no longer enough to impress our friends and we already have to look at new and innovative ways to make our iPhone 5 better than everybody else’s. Luckily the popularity of the Smartphone has led to plenty of accessory makers jumping on the band wagon and there are already loads of ways to pimp our phones.

How to Accessorize your iPhone 5

Belkin are first out of the blocks with an armband that will keep energetic users happy. Made from neoprene and lycra these straps are ideal for those who want to wear their phones on their arm and the new custom clasp buckle means that the fit is perfect and doesn’t need adjusting every five minutes. With snazzy colors such as “Blacktop” and “Day glow” there is bound to be one to match your outfit and they are available to buy right now.

For the fashionably minded jewelry maker Lara Bohinc has introduced a limited edition Calypsocase Rainbow. These really are as fancy as they sound and if you can afford the heavy price tag then you will be right back at the top of the iPhone 5 owners’ tree. Pre order your case now in red, black or shiny silver and the company will ship them to you over the next few weeks.

If you are already bored with how your iPhone 5 looks then it’s time to change the case and that’s where Cygnett come in. They have already produced the Urbanshield case that will seriously alter the appearance of your Smartphone. Choose between carbon fiber and brushed aluminium and make your friends green with envy.

We have all had our say on the new adaptor issue and the Lightning to 30-pin adaptor might be a contentious point but without it many of your old accessories are now out of date. It isn’t just about the plug either as the new adaptor also incorporates a digital to analogue adaptor or DAC. So once you have one you can find some deals on 4S extras and they will work with your new phone.

You want to protect your screen from damage but the flimsy film options really don’t float your boat, well no problem you can pick up a tempered glass protector from SGP Glas.t. Fitting one of these means that the phone still feels like it did before but is better protected against scratches.

A pen is great for taking notes or drawing and you can even play games with them so why not grab a great one from SGP. They offer a kuel H12 stylus pen that is ideal for use with your iPhone 5 whenever and wherever you need it.

So that should get you started but remember that there are new accessories being introduced every day and that there are plenty of other ways to spice up your new phone. So keep in touch with what is available and stay ahead of the pack.