What Does 50 Grams Of Sugar Look Like? [Infographic]

Did you know that the recommended sugar intake upper limit is 50 grams according to the FDA? This is basically less than a half a liter bottle of Coca Cola. Unfortunately, such a recommendation is not necessarily bad. This is because it is incredibly easy to get 50 grams of sugar in your daily diet. A big problem with this is that when sugar intake is high there are various different health problems that can appear. Never neglect this since you can end up with obesity, heart problems and diabetes, to mention just the most common conditions.

Most people out there do not actually know much about nutrition. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise to realize that few understand how much sugar is eaten every single day. While the daily FDA recommendation can be considered as being a little smaller in some cases, it is a good guideline to consider, making up around 10% of the daily recommended calories.

If you want to learn more about the subject, the infographic posted below by the guys at Mashable will shed a lot of light. It covers some really simple meals that are very common in USA for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For instance, a caramel lite, an almond fit granola and 1 container of nonfat peach Oikos yogurt will offer 43 grams of sugar, which is almost all that is recommended.

To tap more into the subject of sugar without boring you, many of the recommendations are not the foods that most people eat. They are actually healthier and in much lower quantities than with other options. Basically, if you look through the different meals that are covered in this health infographic you are going to quickly notice that the 50 grams of sugar can even come from a quick snack. This means that most people actually consume around 3-4 times more sugar than recommended on a daily basis.

Do take a look at the data that is provided in the infographic since you are going to see sugar differently. Hopefully, you are going to reduce how much sugar you are eating every single day.

Source: Mashable